Here you will find music books, e-books and new and used equipment for the trumpet.

Phil Collins Books

Retired Principal Trumpet of the Cincinnati Symphony has 3 books for sale.

With more than 30 years experience playing principal trumpet with the Cincinnati Symphony and Pops, Phil Collins knows what it takes to be a successful orchestral trumpet player. In his three books, Trumpet 1, Trumpetudes and Piccolo Trumpet Studies, Phil has composed a fantastic series of etudes that closely replicate the requirements of the real world. Even more important, they are musical and fun to play. Phil cleverly incorporates myriad technical challenges into a musical context. You develop not only the technical side of your playing, but also your powers of musical expression.


 “Success in All Keys” by Eric Allen

“Success In All Keys” features a wealth of original etudes and famous excerpts in all major keys, but with no accidentals. The range is moderate, the rhythms are simple and there is no ornamentation. The only focus is getting familiar with the key signature.

An extremely effective and fun way to improve your students’ reading skills and comfort level in all keys.


New/Used Trumpet Equipment

Check out this selection of new and used equipment for trumpet. Here you will find leadpipes, tuning slides, mouthpieces, and accessories. Please bookmark this page as items are constantly changing and being added.


Step-up Trumpets

Are you looking to step-up from a student model trumpet to an intermediate or professional model instrument? Check out this list of instruments that I endorse as quality investments.


Helpful Resources

These items are resources that I have found useful and helpful in my career and involve both business and music items. These items have my full endorsement.